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Toms (stylized as TOMS) is a for-profit company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas, the company designs and markets shoes — as well as eyewear, coffee, apparel and handbags. The company was taken over by its creditors in December 2019, and founder Mycoskie ceased to be an owner.

Katie mentioned, "I purchased two pairs of shoes that came to over $100 on the 18th in the morning. I needed them on the 22nd so I paid $15 for 2 day shipping. TOMS estimated an arrival of the 20th prior to my purchase of 2 day shipping. I also received an order confirmation email from TOMS stating that the estimated arrival day was the 20th. After the shoes did not show up on the 20th, I tracked them and UPS tracking showed that they had not been picked up by UPS until after 11pm that night."


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Former Employee - Planning Analyst says

"Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We are really disappointed to hear that you had such a difficult time while working at TOMS and never want anyone to walk away regretting their decision to join our team. If you like to further discuss, please feel free to reach out to our HR team at We wish you the best of luck on your career journey!"

Former Employee - Middle Management says

"Revolving door especially on sales team. The environment is ripe with uncertainty and stress which leaves employees acting at their worst. Upper management has no reassurance to offer as they're worried about their own jobs."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Too many list...but I'll give it a go; senior leadership, wavering strategic decisions, Blake in and out of the build creating a disruptive atmosphere, Jim is more worried being a "cool" President of a Fraternity house rather then being a CEO and making tough decisions, countless failed strategic initiatives by the head of product and sales, giving company or a shoe company? (no one knows), nepotism, constantly hiring their retreads from other footwear brands that have sucked the soul out of TOMS"


"It’s a lot like working at your high school - rampant disrespectful work culture. HR is incompetent. Contractors are generally treated like garbage - keep expectations low for having your work valued by upper management."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Construction of brand is bad. Top management is very flawed. High amount of plastic waste in product packing. I’m under the impression that it went down hill after the investment company got involved. Fake it till you make it atmosphere l."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There was a time when this company was rife with talented and passionate people. It forgot its roots and what made it successful. Those people were either laid off, bullied, managed out or left on their own for better pastures. The lay offs is an annual tradition. Some are necessary. Some that should have been let go are still there. They continue to cause the company lots of money with their bad decisions. Leadership (directors and above) is out of touch with its own team. They favor "yes" people. People with differing opinion do not survive here. Hence leadership gets away with terrible ideas and projects."

Current Employee - Middle Management says

"It is unfortunate what TOMS has become. It went from a young, inclusive and progressive company to one that is led by middle-aged, closed minded and out-of-touch men. In the last year all of the women at the VP and above level were either let go or quit. The environment now is unbearable, driven by men with very large egos."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"Pay was ok but did lack benefits"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Our current leadership is lost, starting from the top. The CEO doesn't have the strategic leadership to ensure that this business survives. The new leadership, while they have footwear experience, they have brought a huge amount of arrogance and refuse to listen to anyone."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Never have I worked somewhere that was so ratchet and unprofessional, manger are loud and rude and also the employees, they talk about people in the face and behind they back, it’s downtown so no free parking you only make 12-13 dollars an hour and most of your check is going to parking. The building is nice"

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is very poor, unfair and lots of favoritism. Very stressful and unorganized work environment. Company doesn’t stand behind what it’s supposedly in business for, doesn’t care about employees or their well being."

Director of Sales Analytics, Planning & Operations (Current Employee) says

"TOMS is In extreme financial trouble and are about to file bankruptcy and are in process of laying off all Chief officers (Finance, Marketing, HR, etc.)."

TOMS "One For One" Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The job was pretty basic, there was nothing difficult about it. The only downfall is that the systems would always crash, and when an agent needed help the managers would always be sarcastic and they would make you fear losing your job everyday. It unfortunately happen to me. I got laid off and when the cite director pulled me in his office I felt like there was no sympathy. Him and the HR manager said that they must let agents go because it was based on the business need. They offered to keep me employed through SITEL, but I would end up moving to a different campaign the AAA campaign, and my pay would go back down to $9.50 an hour. It was a good job for the 2 years that I had it, I thought I was doing great but I guess it was not good enough.Lots of Available Time.Systems Crashing"

Other (Current Employee) says

"used to be a fun and cool place to be. however, it's losing it all. nowadays, it's lack of overall company identity, vision and direction. poor management team. overall morale is low."

Seasonal Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working at Tom's was easy. Sell shoes ,and replenish the sales floor. The issue is hours. You get hours if you make sales. You have to worry about other employees stealing your sales. Tom's was stressful because of sales being connected to the hours you receive. No sales,No hours."

Freelance Graphic Designer/Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"TOMS is a super-friendly and hyper work environment where everyone puts on a great friendly face. The work is manageable and easy to handle as long as you stay focused. I recommend to anyone looking to apply, it's a great place to work."


"A company once considered and ideal place to work is now just an average place to work. Byproduct of poor management and a work culture that lost sight of what made it such and ideal place."

Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"The company is under a huge restructuring phase because they are trying to find what works for them in the sense of giving. The old moto of buy one give one is not working so they are trying to revamp their look. Unfortunately, many people were laid off for the company to save money during talks of bankruptcy.Free spirit structureAutonomy"

Analyst (Current Employee) says

"I really don't have much to say. I really don't wish to participate in this. Whoever wants to apply for a job here will find out when they arrive. It is not the worst place to work."

E-commerce Lead (Former Employee) says

"poor management incapable of taking right decisionsCo workers helpfullTypical day : full of meetings which consumes actual productive hours resulting in extended hourswork on new stufflong work hours"

Sales Associate/ Social Media Lead (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work for. The only downfall is the way the corporate aspects are changing and becoming less people oriented and more focused on expansion. But there are good teams and great people oriented staff."

Customer Service Rep (Temporary) says

"I worked for the company as a temporary, full-time employee. It was difficult not to be impressed with TOMS in my first days of employment. The strong brand recognition and industry respect the company has is very evident when you first get to the office campus (I call it a campus). The high tech security, well manicured grounds, modern design of the building, and the imposing TOMS flag flapping in the wind all give it a particular air that the employees carry around with them. The management perpetuates this vibe of "you're lucky to work here." I constantly felt like I was competing with my co-workers for the management's approval. I did learn to be very self sufficient there and very productive. They want you to be highly efficient and productive and they don't accept anything less. TOMS taught me a lot about time management. They did not grow as quickly as they did to a mega retail player by accident. It ran like a machine. It was completely a routine job. I like the structure of it but it was not inspiring.prestigious company, great work life balancemanagement was not approachable"

Barista/Shift Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Everything is about teamwork at TOMS. We are encouraged to all do well together. I enjoyed being a part of the family and working in such an easy-going environment.Free coffee and tea drinks.Low Pay. Minimal Advancement"

Human Resources Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"TOMS is a great place to work as long as you especially if you fit into the culture of dedication and giving. A definite Hipster environment with a lot of really cool good hearted people. C level management came from great companies. Some people can sometimes buy into the "COOL" high school popularity scene and take themselves way too seriously and form cliques. Great perks such as quarterly shoes, and Happy Hours. Lots of employee bonding events, and of course, you cannot beat the Giving Trips. Dogs in office, Monthly Town Halls. But what is also great about the company is accessibility to the Founder, CEO and other top ranking employees. Not the typical corporate environment but could use some of the corporate structure. The HR team worked very well together, and seemed to have a good handle on how to perform as a team. Although not perfect, truly one of the best places I've worked in my career.Shoes, Giving, Giving Trips, Purpose, Onsite Fitness classes, and PeoplePopularity Contest, lack of Cultural sensitivity among employees"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Decent mid sized company to work for when easing out of the corporate life. It helps to have a boss who understands the work life balance as well as someone who does care for your personal growth in your career. That may not be the case for all."

Inventory and Distribution Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"very chill culture / work place. management and their communication skills sucks / lack of proficiency . typical day: check your emails for receiving DC quantities and make sure they're compatible with whatever you have in the system per country. grab a cup of coffee around 11 and then wait for the other emails representing other countries to work on. I learned how to use SAP accounting software."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I loved the easy going atmosphere in TOMS! It made it an extremely fun place to work! Other than the bad customer calls occasionally it was a great starter job. It also really helps you work on you customer service experience."

Talent Management Program Manager, Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Yeah, that's a reference to a song and the time between now and when I finally was let go. But, I had a wonderful experience personally at TOMS, minus some not great mid level management. When I left TOMS this summer, they were having a rough go at it. I would imagine is was mainly from mistakes of leadership from the past that the new leadership needed more time and resources to fix. What I could tell on my way out is that the new leadership in place had great potential and could definitely be the folks to turn the ship back around. But, due to the position I held in the company, there was not much I could do to effect that outcome which was why I wad laid off. Smart move on their part. I think the current leadership is well equipped to handle the tough times that they have gone through and this year will begin to build the brand back to it's full potential. They also care about the employees and workplace culture, which is rare in a lot of companies.People mean well, it's why they work there. A lot of people who were not doing the company well have gone, or been asked to leave, which provides a lot of positive opportunities for those who are still there or wanting to join.Still a young company trying to work out kinks, and a lot of people have missed expectations, especially when it comes to career growth... But, that might just be their fault for having the wrong mentality."

Cherilyn Sytar says

"So upset at Tom's. Ordered 10 pair of shoes for Christmas gifts and 2 pair did not fit --can't return them because I am past the return window -talked with 2 agents and they are just 'sorry'!! I ordered in November when I was doing my online shopping and now I am stuck with shoes that nobody can wear!! Guess I learned my lesson with them."

memyselfi says

"I remember when Toms was a good company. I ordered two pairs of shoes in spring of 2020 and neither shoe were even close to correct fitting. Strange enough, but then again in fall 2020 I ordered more shoes with the credit I was given from Spring and dealt with customer service and they sent a men’s shoe instead of a women’s. Still waiting to get this figured out. Customer service agents I have dealt with are clearly not properly trained. They have trouble finding orders and one says one thing and another says something different. Very frustrating!!! I will not buy from Tom’s again"

Susie Hutt Trupp says

"I purchased a pair of TOMS booties at a retail store in another state. After wearing about 6 or 7 times I noticed that the seam along the top was splitting on both booties. I contacted the company and was told via email "We're listening". I thought they would be concerned about the problem as the booties had little wear and they are still selling them on line for $139.95. Even though they are last year's style. I was informed that I would need to contact the store where I purchased them. I sent two more emails and received the same "We're listening" response. With no response to either one. It took five days for them to respond to my first email and only did so after I contacted them again. I even sent a photograph of the booties showing the seam splitting. I have several pair of TOMS shoes in my closet - I will not be adding any more and plan to post on social media (over 500 followers) and ask all of them to share. I am very disappointed in this product, but even more so in the company's response...."

Dev says

"Wish I had read the reviews before placing an order. I have used Tom's purchased from a retail store for many years with no issues. Decided to order a couple of pair from online store of the same size, and they fit small. When I try to return I have pay for return label with tracking, which is half the price of shoes. Not a good shopping experience at all."

Livener says

"Bought the cutest pair of wedge sneakers from the TOMS website. Size was good and the shoe was as advertised. It was my first order from TOMS. After wearing the sneakers a couple of times the pull tab along the back broke off on one shoe. I called to exchange them and was told since I've worn the shoe (even just 1 time) they are not able to help me at all. Seriously?! BUYER BEWARE!! They don't have any satisfaction, if your shoe is defective and you've worn it - your stuck with it. I wish I would've known this as I would've bought a brand that would at least guarantee their product for 30 days."

Su A. says

"I bought a UK size 4 and got a size US 6B that’s not even a US size 5 which is what I thought I’d be getting plus they look really tiny - who is making their shoes? Little shoe people? And now do I have to pay again to return their mistake? It’s already been tedious and long having to return a wrong size for my son’s shoes, I have not experienced a company that takes so long to refund, do they realise this puts a lot of people off as new or returning customers, reading other successful reviews I guess we’re the unlucky ones!! Plus on their website they state their shoes are medium wide they look very narrow, twice bitten by this company shame heard so much good about them."

Cynthia Munoz says

"I ordered toms for 1st time off their website, unfortunately I didn't know of final sale. I called later in day before my order even shipped and it was processing still not sent yet. I asked for supervisor and representative said 3 to 5 days i would get call back. By then my order would be sent that i needed canceled. Yes it was my fault for not realizing but why can't they cancel an order not sent just processing! Terrible customer service. I will NEVER order from them again."

Christine Ha says

"I returned the shoes since the size isn’t correct. The return has delivered to them more than a month ago but I did not see my money got refunded. I called customer rep and asking for a refund 2 weeks ago and she said she will process it. However, I haven’t received my money yet. I’m very disappointed!"

Nicole.kerri. Bowen says

"They received my return of FOUR pairs of toms October 9th!!! No refund of $200.00 and return activity says returns not eligable!! These were NOT on sale or final buy only!!"

Taya Kovalyova says

"Purchased a pair of TOMS through official website. The shipping took over the week, wich was ok, i was not in rush. The shoes well made, looked nice, but unfortunately I needed size up. Soo here my nightmare stars.. its been delivered October 10, still no refund. Called customer service 3times, the lady with nice polite voice told me your money is on a way. Still no refund. Its a shame that such a big company, having poor costumer service and I guess they not doing any refunds and its all just a frought. To be fair after forth phone call TOMS finally returned my 80$. Will never purchase again, even at the store👹."

Tori gan says

"Customer service puts you on hold for 30 minutes plus. No resolution to issues. I've called 3 times and haven't been able to get a response. I was put on hold the first time for over 30 minutes, hanged up and called again and the line randomly started cutting in and out. The woman told me she'll call me back immediately and didn't until 15 min later and I missed the call. Called back and again and was put on hold for over 15 minutes. I am working full time and can't be on hold for a long period of time. They need to resolve issues quickly."

Ellen says

"If I could give a zero I would. I saw Toms surprise sale and decided to order TOMS for the first time. I ordered 3 shoes that are size 5 (I wear size 5 with Adidas, reebok, party heels, etc). The website keeps saying their shoes are true to size. But the shoes came 2 soooo small my feet can’t go in all the way and 1 so big I have an inch space. So I called and asked regarding this problem. One of the customer service politely told me that she only buys her shoe in store so she could try it. Seems like she is telling me NOT to buy from TOMS website, because TOMS is the only company with this sizing problem while claiming “True to size”. Anyway, I’ve been requesting to talk to a supervisor or manager and they were in a meeting and were still in meeting after 3 hours. The customer service told me that I will be receiving a call back but haven’t received any call back. conclusion bad customer service, bad sizing, and bad management. Finally got a call after 54hours of business day from the manager who let me return the shoes that didn’t fit nicely. It was a hassle but at least I won’t end up with 3 pairs of shoes that don’t fit."

Jay Richmond says

"I just received my order today. I ordered 2 pair of shoes for my granddaughter. One pair look like they had been worn before, possibly a returned item. The tag wasn't attached to the shoe like the other pair, it was placed in the bottom of one of the shoes. The paper in the box was ripped. I didn't make this purchase to receive used shoes, or at least they should have been inspected before mailing them out to a customer. Very Disappointed."

Pico kike says

"Your service not good enough.."

Rosetta says

"I asked for a return from and I am still waiting for my return. The item reached the warehouse more than 13 days ago. I called last week and said wait for this monday and we are Wednesday. I thought they have a pretty efficient system for returns so I don't have to chase you for a little more than a hundred dollars purchase. I called ago today they are starting an investigation. Why is so hard to issue a refund."

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